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Discover Opportunities and Create Value

Soul Capital is a family-owned private entrepreneurial company which focuses on investing in innovative and emerging technologies and internet companies with advanced ideas. Our investment ranges from early stage companies with great potentials to later stage companies which stand at a leading position in their own industries.

Investment Philosophy

Soul Capital believes that advances and improvements in technology bring disruptive innovation and create the biggest investment opportunities. Other than fundamentals, we pursue growth of capital by evaluating the investment target’s team and values which form the essence of every company. Picking the right business run by the right management is regarded as our core investment philosophy.

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Investment Regions



Our main investment regions include the United States, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. Our international connection grants us access to high quality and exclusive deals with great potential.


Successful Portfolios

We actively seek for ventures with high growth potential and engage their management to get a thorough understanding of the company prospects and business models. 


years of Investment Experience

Our investment experience lets us pursue fruitful return with manageable risks. We are able to identify multi-stage attractive opportunities and invest at the right timing.

Portfolio Companies

Over 30 deals transacted

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